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Trust Creation

Trusts can arise under a Will, but may also be set up in a person's lifetime, in the right circumstances.

Writing Letters

In years gone by, trusts were often set up to avoid or reduce tax, however, over time, this has become harder to achieve.  However, there is still very much a place for Will trusts and for lifetime trust creation, in the right circumstances. 


Trusts provide a means of protection for vulnerable beneficiaries, or to preserve assets for the younger generations.

Trusts is a complicated area of law, but in the right circumstances and with the correct advice, trusts can be incredibly useful and advantageous. 


We can discuss your needs and review your circumstances, thereafter determine whether setting up a trust is the correction solution for you.  

Signing Contract

Administration of Trusts

The taxation of trusts has also become complicated and getting the right advice is crucial to achieve correct 




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